Thursday, 24 February 2011

Richard Sweeney

Turned out the guy teaching us paper techniques was none other than Richard Sweeney, quite frankly a genius at paper creations!

After seeing some of his work, and the man himself in action, i can see how much patience and skill is required to create some of these beautiful pieces he does. Some of my favourite works of his are below...

Mad Skills. I love the abstract shapes he creates using something as simple as paper, a primarily flat medium! I look forward to attempting something half as genius as this stuff!

These images were sourced from Mr Sweeney's own site at if you care to check out some of his other work (and i recommend you do!)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Second Go...

I created another piece using a larger format. i got inspiration for this one from my own work! i was tidying the pile of EVERYTHING from the side of my bed when i discovered the sheet i cut the shapes out of for my previous piece (in previous post if you wanna check it out). It had been crushed under the weight and had folded over on itself, and it looked cool! So i thought, what the hell, lets do it again!

This is the flat cutting of my design.

I cut this design with the paper folded in two to get a perfect symmetry for the two roll shapes. I used tabs and cuts to hold the piece together. I love how looking at this piece at different angles gives a very different shape and effect.

First Paper Experiment...

So i did my first paper experiment!

I started small to get a grasp of how tricky this could be
It was a bit easier than i thought! (it is quite a simple design though...)

In this piece i found the most difficult part stapling the tabs together, its mega fiddly! but i did enjoy it and i feel it went well. I do admit the shape didn't go to plan, but i like the way its a bit offset.

I was going for the predator helmet look, honestly!

It didn't take long to do this piece, its was a simple, quick exercise to get me started, and now i want to do something a bit larger and more tricky...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Initial Research

I have begun my research looking at basic paper structures. The first thing that popped into my head was origami. I had tried my hand at this before. And failed. Miserably. But I will stay positive! After all Im going get paper structure lessons!

Here are some examples of some origami i found quite interesting which i found online at various sources...

Crazy Skills!

I like the abstract pieces quite a lot

I am looking forward to creating some of my own works, not only using folding techniques, but many many others! Watch this Space!