Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Print to Pixel

A new project! This one is called Print to Pixel, and is based on storyboards and animation.
I have been given a piece of music, and with it i am to create a short 20-30 second animation, based around 3 words which i feel describe the sound.
I am both really looking forward to this, and a bit nervous too. I have done storyboards before in A level Media Studies, but i have never done animation! However i have always wanted to know how to use animation software and techniques, so fingers crossed this should be a good project!
Watch this Space!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

GF Smith Papers Poster

After playing around in Adobe Illustrator, i have created my final poster for 100 years of GF Smith Papers.

This is sized at A2.
I used the same colour as the paper for the text because after playing around with it for a while, i found it worked with the photograph it lays on. I also made the leading smaller on the text, similar to that of the poster from GF Smith themselves. Also, don't tell anyone, but on the poster i printed at A2, i accidentally put GH Smith, not GF Smith (oops!). But hey it doesn't matter, because if we're getting really technical its actually their 111th year Anniversary anyways ;P
The quality on here may not be as good as my original file because blogger cant upload illustrator files >:( but hey i hope you like it anyway!

GF Smith Papers Sculpture

I looked though my previous blog posts for some inspiration on how i could tackle task 2, and i saw Peter Callessens work, who was my favourite paper artist that i looked at. Using his style, i initially created a basic text stand-up to photograph;

I was then going to put some digital font onto this, but the paper looks way too boring. So i made use of the flower-curls i originally wanted to use for task 1!

But still looked too bare below the text, so i added a bit of symmetry to it.

Now that the page looks fuller, i am going to use illustrator to find some ideal fonts, and play with leading, weight and layout to get the right poster design!

Task 2!

Task 2 of this project requires me to create a poster advertising the celebration of GF Smith papers 100 year anniversary.
I have looked at some of their own advertising first:

These are some of the adverts from GF Smith. These rely on typography rather than imagery. My brief requires me to use the skills i have learnt though task 1 to create another sculpture to photograph for my poster, so somehow i need to incorporate the two together.


Behold! My final creation in response to 'Repeat'! And i owe it all to my lack of patience :p

Im really happy with how this turned out. The way the lines catch the light and cast shadows is cool, and i think it makes a really nice looking pattern!
It consists of 12 squares 6 inch i size, mounted onto backing paper. In relation to my brief, this sculpture should have its place in the Atrium at Uni. I think this would look best along a wall, or maybe even across a ceiling!

Sand Dunes

As explained in my previous post, i'm looking into the shapes of sand dunes. I love the shadows they cast over a crisp like at the top. And this is replicated in my pieces previously.

The shadows cast by sand dunes are amazing!

Sand dunes are clearly made from LOTS of these forms. I think some more 'accidental' paper folding is in order...

My lack of patience payed off!

I have a fairly short attention span. And i'm not very patient. Two skills which could potentially have been catastrophic to this project i hear you say? NO!
Here's the story of these pieces;
After my appalling attempt at creating the previous flower patterns, i thought i'd check on online how to make an origami flower to get me started. I found a youtube video called 'Easy way to make a beautiful origami rose'. Brilliant! Just what i need! That will help me right?
...10 minutes passed...
...then another...
then i realised Rick Astley wasn't going to make a damn rose, so i tried another video.
This one was a genuine way to make a rose.
And it wasn't that easy! Actually, it was so not easy, i didn't even make a rose. However, after i got my 6 inch bit of square paper folded into the starting shape, i thought it looked a bit like the union jack...

So i thought i'd make another...

And Some More...

And with 6 done, they didn't look like union jack's anymore. I thought they looked a bit like a sand dune from certain angles. And BANG! Eureka moment. Sand dunes are a NATURAL FORM! AND they look COOL!
So now i'm going to look into this a bit and see where it goes!

Absolute Disaster...

So i tried the 2D/3D thing again to develop into a final response. I didn't even bother finishing it as you will see here because i discovered a few flaws to my idea...

Yeah, pretty harsh right? I wish to offer my apologies for this monstrosity. My idea was to use the curling techniques on all the flat parts to create flower-like objects. HOWEVER, me being me just went straight into it, not realising until i was doing it that when i cut out a flat area to fold, this bit of paper has then been used. And i can use it to create another curl coming from another direction. DUH! Hence why some of the parts are different shapes and/or sizes. Idiot. Im sure you will agree, it was a wise decision to stop wasting my time on this and look for something new...
Once again, my apologies.

Monday, 7 March 2011

3D with a border!

After seeing Peter Callessen's work, i have had a go at my own 3D and 2D mixture. I started off with something quite basic;

I folded the sheet in half to get symmetry

When unfolded, it created this atom-like shape which protruded form the page

I liked the idea of this, but i felt that the plain white sheet which wasn't cut was a bit boring. So i experimented with creating this into a frame for this abstract shape;

Flat image

As shown here, this could then be put against a flat surface such as a window, or even across a roof.

Friday, 4 March 2011

2D and 3D Mixture

I found an artist called Peter Callessen online who works with paper. I found his work pretty cool, because like Jen Stark, he works with 3D on a 2D surface, but takes it to another level. Rather than just laying the sculpture on a 2D surface, he actually cuts the 2d surface to create a story, as shown below.

I love the skyline silhouette on the surface of this piece

Just Awesome!

I really like this final image, because it has been created using only one sheet of paper. It is so simple but I find it amazing how it all tells a story and sets a scene. I would love to try something like this, but bear in mind i need to respond to the theme 'Repeat', so wish me luck!

Thursday, 3 March 2011


I have taken photos of some flowers i have noticed around inside and outside (see if you can tell which ones are real or not :p ).
Flowers are organic, and naturally beautiful. The way the petals flow creates a soothing sense of movement. Flowers can be created using paper, as seen in the Origami post back in my blog. Due to their vibrant colours, they can be very visually attractive.

I love the middle bit of this flower (thats the scientific way of saying it!)

This one almost looks like the horn of a trumpet
 These flowers have lovely smooth features, much like the effect paper gives, so i think i might have to look into this!