Sunday, 29 April 2012

Final Animation

Here is is:

The lip sync is a little off on YouTube, I think its something to do with YouTube's frame rate which sucks, but it still looks pretty good!

I'm really happy with the final outcome. I have completely enjoyed creating it, and as you can see (if you watch the video as much as I have), movement, lip sync and control get better as the video progresses, as I got much more used to using the different tools on After Effects.
I think this video responds to my aims really well. I wanted to explore how we rely on technology, but not in a serious, derogatory manner. I wanted it to show the funny side of how we trust in technology, and my exaggerated version of reality plays to this perfectly.
Pat on the back, initiate!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Another production screenshot

Here is just another screen from the cartoon in production.

This is the setting for the first restaurant scene where the girl is choosing what to eat. Jeri suggests a salad because red meat can give you cancer. Awkward moment in 3...2..1..

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Girl Character

I have drawn up the female character now.

Couple together
I've coloured the two quite stereotypically to stick to the simplicity of the design.
I have also created the replacement layers for the female too, so all is now set for production!

First set of animation

Using the simpler character design, I have done the first small section of the story which starts the conversation with Jeri.

Jeri - The phone VI

To record the voices I have spoke into a microphone using free open source software called Audacity and edited the pitch using Adobe SoundBooth.

I like the way the visuals work here. Little movement makes sure nothing distracts the viewer from the story.
I shall continue using this style and hope it will continue looking good!

New Character Design

I have done a drawing on Photoshop with a few replacement layers in a similar style to that of Frank Floethmann.

I actually quite like it! It would be really easy to animate, and because of the simple facial shapes, his eyes and mouth will show his entire expression.
I think I'm going to start production with this design, and start recording some voices for my character to speak out, and see where that takes me!

Frank Floethmann PINGPONG

I showed my tutor my character design and movement so far, and he suggested I looked at a series of videos by Frank Floethmann called PINGPONG.

As you can see, It's incredibly simple design, and very little movement.
Even though there is no dialogue, the story is told through the expressions and symbols shown in the characters.
I will do a drawing In a similar style to this to see how it could look.

Moving my character

I have created my character on Photoshop using my graphics tablet, along with some replacement layers for the mouth, eyes and hands.

I have also had a bit of a play in After Effects at using the time-remapping to animate different movements.
There is no dialogue here, but I intended this part to be the bit where my character receives his reply text and says 'SCOOOOORE!'