Friday, 20 April 2012

Preliminary Research

I have started looking at the history of technology and how it has developed.
From searching the web, I found some good timelines showing when important breakthroughs were made.

(Apologies for the terrible formatting. As I see it here in the posting window, these pictures are side by side -_-)
I haven't added the whole timeline here, because it is massive, and it's not necessary to bore you looking through it all. I have just added 3 random sections of it all (I have saved all of them to my computer for my own reference).
There are some interesting things on this timeline which I had not even thought of as technology. For example, right at the start, 2400BC the abacus was invented, the worlds fist calculator. Already several gags have popped in my head  from this. 1826, Photography Invented.1877, Microphone invented. 1946, Microwave invented. The list continues up to modern times. 2001, Digital radio, etc.

It is useful to know the dates when these breakthroughs happened, as I can look into what was happening at the time.
I now need to look into people's opinions on technology, as this will help me decide what sort of technology I want to research further.

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