Friday, 20 April 2012


Here is the script I have written for my web cartoon:

Scene 1


Guy : Hmmm, hey Jeri, I’m pretty bored. You think I should look through Mugbook for some possible girlfriend material?

Jeri: Sir, I think that’s a splendid idea. I’ll open your Mugbook profile now.


Guy: Nope. Nope. Noooo. Definite schizo. Heyyyy, what about this one, I used to go to school with her!

Jeri: You seem an excellent match sir. Would you like to send her a text message?

Guy: Hell Yeah! Hmm lets see…..
Types message
Guy: How about that, that’s pretty romantic right?

Jeri: Quite so, sir.

Guy: Send! Now we play the waiting game.

Face to Blank Phone, back and forth.


Guy: Jesus, what is this girl doing?!

BZZZZ. Message comes through.

Guy: She said yes!

Jeri: It seems so, sir.


Jeri: If I may be so bold sir, maybe you should get ready. The time is 7.30.

Guy: Jeez, you’re right.

Combs hair, sticks back up.

Guy: Close enough. Any last minute tips, Jeri?

Jeri: I have searched the web and found females are attracted to smart, humorous men, preferably with muscles.

Guy: I’m going to be alone forever.

Jeri: Maybe you should just be polite, sir. No foul language, good posture, and look after her well-being.

Guy: Good idea, Jeri. I dunno what I’d do without you!

Jeri: Fear not sir, I’ll be with you the whole time.

Scene 2

Guy walks up to Girl waiting outside restaurant.

Guy: Hey!

Girl: Hey!

Guy: You ready to eat?

Girl: Yeah! Lets head in!

Inside restaurant sat at table.

Girl: Wow, there’s so much to choose from. Maybe I’ll have the roast beef!

Jeri: Actually, wikimedia says red meat is a catalyst for cancer. Might I suggest a nice salad?

Girl: erm…

Guy: Trust in Jeri, he’s always right.

Girl gives awkward smile.
Fade to after meal.

Girl: Ohhh im stuffed, that was delicious! I think I might still have some room for dessert though, if you know what I mean
Guy tries to speak but is interrupted.

Jeri: Actually, eating dessert too quickly after your meal can result in a downward spiral to extreme weight gain. A quick scan online has resulted in the suggestion to exercise more regularly to lose love handles.
Girl looks angry.

Scene 3

Couple stood outside restaurant.

Guy: So, you want to take a walk on somewhere?

Girl: Yeah, that sounds great!

Jeri: Might I suggest the beach for a romantic walk? Only three mugging have been reported in your area within the past two months.

Girl looks worried.
Guy looks awkward.

Unknown female voice comes from Girls handbag.

Voice: Excuse me, I have a suggestion.

Girl pulls phone from bag.

Voice: I have paired your two names together using and results show a 4% change of romance. Girl, get yourself outta there!

Girl: Sorry, always trust Miri!

Girl Walks off
Guy looks angry.

Jeri: She sounded hot.

Guy: Shut the f-BEEP up.


I think this story shows how being too reliant on technology can interfere with our social lives. Now to start some character development!

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