Friday, 20 April 2012

New Project: Self Directed

Firstly, like my research blog (, I am importing posts from a Tumblr blog because it has decided to crash on me. So a lot of posts which have been done over the course of a few weeks will be posted at once, so play along with the story of development!

The final project of this year is a self directed brief! We can pretty much do a project based on whatever we want. We can do something we are good at, or something completely new, as long as it relates to the marking criteria.
The marking criteria, in the 'critical awareness' section says 'Set appropriate but challenging tasks and identify cultural, technical, social or economic opportunities when writing your project brief'.
This means I couldn't just do a music video for my friends band because I would enjoy doing it (which, yes, would be awesome). I must base a project on something which has some value in one or more of these factors.
As long as my brief meets this criteria, and I get approval from my tutor. So, time to start thinking!

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