Friday, 20 April 2012


HISHE (Hows it should have ended) is a web cartoon series which explored how films games and TV shows should have ended in very funny ways.

It is very simply animated, but focuses on the story and humorous narration than detailed appearances. I absolutely love it!

The Dark Knight



One of many scenes with Superman and Batman in a coffee shop.


These web cartoons are incredibly funny, being sarcastic, ironic, and making fun of huge plot holes which could end the stories early on, should events take different turns.

^ This Iron Man episode is one of my favourites. Find all the rest at or their youtube channel at

Although I have a little experience with character design and animation (see my first animation project from last year), I have never included voice or dialogue, so I will need to look for some tutorials online how to create fluid mouth movements which sync up to the dialogue.

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