Friday, 20 April 2012

Existing opinions

I have looked online at some existing opinions on technology.
After reading a few stale articles both for and against the reliance on technology, I found this article at

I found this article quite interesting, as CJ goes into the good and bad points from his own personal experience and that of others.
I'll post a few quotes I found interesting.

When talking about the London Stock Exchange systems crashing and losing millions of Pounds, he says "Should any piece of technology be so important that we can't function without it for 8 hours?"
True! This relates to not just this happening at the stock exchange, but to other forms of technology.
I have seen statuses on Facebook from people all like 'My laptop is broken, i'm so bored, nothing to do' and the likes. Seriously? Read a book, go outside, bath your dog, there's more to life than your laptop!

" seems to have become more of a convenience than a tool."
Once again, I must agree. Take the internet for example. First invented for the Army to use as a communication device. Then it gained popular demand and, well, as you are reading this online, you will know, taken over EVERYTHING. There not much you can't find online now, from genuinely useful information, to talking to your friends because you can't be bothered to get up off the sofa and go out.

Following on from what I just said, he later says "...I'm also worried our social skills are deteriorating".
Many people now prefer to text or email rather than phone someone or speak face to face. I'm not going to say I haven't fallen into this bracket of people, because I do text people a lot, as it does have its obvious advantages. But I do also phone up my friends to check what time we're meeting or whats happening.

I find it really interesting that we are using technology more as a convenience object than a genuinely useful tool.
I think my next step is to find out myself what technology, if any, people consider themselves reliant on. This will start a basis for my development.

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