Friday, 20 April 2012


Looking back at what I have found, it seems smart phones are definitely something worth focusing on.
I have also recently gained inspiration from one of my friends. He thinks 'Siri' on the new Iphone 4S is amazing.
Siri is basically a VI which can use your phone for you in case your too lazy to use the device you have spent hard earned money on. By just asking it, it can text people for for you while you just speak out what you want to say, just in case your time is too valuable to spend that 20 seconds typing it out. It can also check the weather forecast for you in case you live in a cave with no point of reference to the outside world. It can add things to your diary in case you can't read a calendar. Even tell you the closest place to bury a dead body. You get the point.
Personally I think it's a ridiculous and pointless creation, and seeing as it is another step to being reliant on technology to run our lives, I think its a perfect example to focus on.

I have not yet decided on character designs, but I have drawn a storyboard with basic human models to show how my web cartoon will play out.

Page 1

Page 2
The story will follow our main male character (who I haven't named yet) searching online on 'Mugbook' (a reference to Facebook), for girls who he could date. He is asking for help and advice from Jeri, the VI in his phone.
To avoid directing any sarcasm or insult to Apple or Siri, I have changed the name and some characteristics of Siri. Its a male voice (instead of the actual female) called Jeri, who can talk more like an intelligence than a robot, a bit like Jarvis from Iron Man. This way, it can relate to the main character and speak to him as a person rather than an object.
After finding a suitable match, someone he knew from school, he gets Jeri to send her a message asking for a date. She replies accepting said date and they meet at a restaurant.  Throughout the date, Jeri keeps interrupting them with information he has found online regarding what they are doing. For example, when the girl considers ordering roast beef, Jeri blurts out that 'Wikimedia' says red meat is a catalyst for cancer, and suggests a salad.
This continues throughout the date until the girl reveals she has her own phone VI who claims it has matched their names together on and the result shows 4% chance of romance, to which she leaves.
I have also written a script which goes into the gags in more detail, which I will put in the following post so this one doesn't look too cramped.

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