Friday, 20 April 2012

Character Development

I have done a few drawings and sketches to develop a likeable character. I want something simple which won't be too difficult to animate, but which also doesn't look too bare and basic.

Development Faces
I started by just drawing some simple faces which looked really different, to see what sort of shapes and styles I liked.

Head Parts and Facial Expressions

As you can see in my first character designs, and in my storyboard, the male has spiky, scraggly hair. I like this, as it makes him feel more believable and likeable. I added this hair onto the one at the bottom, and I have decided to stick with it.
I also like the triangle nose, as it is easy to build expressions around.

First stage male
This is my starting point for the male character. He is simple but believable, and thats what I am aiming for.

First female design
I have done one drawing of a possible female character similar to the character shape on my storyboard, but for now I will put the design of the female on the back-burner, as she doesn't come into the story until scene 2.
I like the male character so far, so I will develop him a little further to see how/if i can make him any more interesting.

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